Development of a Competencies' Framework

Given the current labour market climate, it is increasingly critical to our region’s social and economic prosperity that Atlantic Canadians are able to manage their own learning and work transitions. Unemployment remains high for youth and young adults, and underemployment and part-time work continue to grow in Canada. The timing is right to provide a Competency Framework for Atlantic Canadians to effectively manage career transitions through the lifespan.

The framework articulates competencies that school and post-secondary education students should develop to navigate and propel learning, work, and transition in today’s labour market and in the future. These competencies will be used to demonstrate the skills needed to transition effectively from studies to work.

Related support documents include materials tailored to meet the needs of students, educators, career development practitioners, families, post-secondary, and business. A set of performance indicators for each developmental level have also be developed.

A collaborative, unified focus by all stakeholders was necessary to determine the set of competencies to ensure that Atlantic Canadians are prepared to participate in a world of rapid and complex change. This initiative engaged stakeholders in the collaborative development of the framework and consultation on supporting documents.