• Achievement Standards
    • Further to the completion of the grades 1 to 6 project in 2014, CAMET completed the grades 7 and 8 French-language achievement standards for writing as a continuum of the project.
    • The purpose of these standards is to establish common expectations for students in the Atlantic provinces with regard to independent reading and writing skills.
  • Assessment Resource
    • A French-language classroom-based assessment resource has been made available to teachers in schools throughout Atlantic Canada.
    • This resource, developed by a team of regional experts in the field, provides up-to- date assessment tools that teachers can use in a classroom setting.
  • Distance Education
    • The francophone sectors will explore collaboration in distance education. This initiative is driven by the fact that the student francophone population within the Atlantic region is small, and there could be opportunities for certain provinces to offer course options that would otherwise be difficult to make available.


CAMET continues to support Atlantic departments of education, transportation, and government services in the joint purchase of school buses. This important initiative results annually in substantial savings for the provinces—more than $4 million in 2016–17, for example.